Wednesday, June 26, 2013

As suspected to Massage Served, Se7en and Sangchu Will Investigated

4:39 AM

Celebrity scandals are shaking this time draftee who happened to Se7en and Mighty Mouth Sangchu. They allegedly went to a massage parlor while doing the task. It was a hot issue after netizens revealed in a television show.

Se7en and Sangchu alleged celebrity covered by the media while visiting a massage parlor "plus plus" at 4 o'clock in the morning. In the show, the military claimed the visit was to treat a back injury and knee one of them. But the military can not mention the reason why the other person go to a massage parlor but do not need any treatment.

"Currently we are investigating seleberiti Se7en and Sangchu that go into adult entertainment after duty," said the military spokesman. "If it is true then they will be treated in accordance with applicable law."

In the show "In Depth 21" was originally documented the military PR activities in a concert for the troops on June 21. Celebrities who participated there was Se7en, Sangchu, Kim Kyung Hyun The Cross, Rain and KCM. They then ate together at a restaurant and have a drink after changing his uniform.

After returning to the motel there are two soldiers who came out to take a taxi to go to a massage parlor in the early morning. Journalists covering then intercept them after 30 minutes in the massage parlors and grilling him with questions. But they said he did not do anything illegal and drinking alcohol.

Journalists covering also questioned massage parlor owner who confirmed that two soldiers were not doing massage and ask for more money. He confirmed that his place was a massage parlor that provides sexual services. Although not a massage, but the two soldiers caught drinking alcohol, have a cell phone, changing uniforms and go without permission is a strict prohibition for conscription.

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