Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Write a message on the Official Website, Agency Denies Park Shi Hoo Will Comeback

4:42 AM

Park Shi Hoo has yet to appear in public since the completion of the case of alleged rape last May. Not been heard, Shi Hoo recently updated her official website in Japan. There he posted a message of his own handwriting.

"Hello, this is Park Shi Hoo. Thank you to everyone who was waiting for this," wrote Shi Hoo. "This website will be updated Japanese mine. Please frequent visits. Soon I will be back with a better image. Everybody, I love you."

Statement star of the series "Princess Man" makes his fans speculate that he will soon comeback to the world of entertainment. But the agency denied Shi Hoo will be back soon. The message was posted just to let you know that the website will be updated.

"The message was not a statement to comeback. We will only update the website," said agency spokesman. "Shi Hoo no plans for activities at home and abroad for the time being."

Previous Shi Hoo has announced it will cease all activities until the end of the year. The decision to take a hiatus to give Shi Hoo time introspection of rape that happened. It also decided not to hold a press conference revealing the truth of this case.

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