Friday, June 28, 2013

Park Han Byul So netizens target critics Due to Scandal Se7en

11:42 PM

Se7en is currently public spotlight being caught going to a massage parlor "plus-plus" while on duty draftee. This eventually led to her boyfriend, Park Han Byul, go get the sap. Han Byul official website immediately flooded with vitriolic comments netter.

When scandal Se7en strongest netter's fancafe owned directly attacked the singer of "Better Together" was. Now owned by Han Byul participated website targets of anger netter. Scathing comments directed to various series of "Oh! My Lady" was.

Comments that are netter addressed mostly about Se7en, as if the website does not belong to the Han Byul. They accuse Han Byul became lovers Se7en incompetent until this incident happened. Because, Se7en visited a massage parlor offering sex services.

"Why do not you take care of it better Se7en? You lost him for a woman whose price is 170 thousand won," a netizen criticism. "Unni, if you want to break up with him to give it to me. I have no problem with anything that he did," quipped another netter. "If you're married with children Se7en then you will know her father supports prostitution."

While the development of this latest scandal is Mighty Mouth Sangchu admitting guilt. He said he would take full responsibility for this incident and asked Se7en released from punishment. But netizens insist Se7en still be punished for doing it consciously.

"I'll take responsibility for this incident as soldiers with higher rank," said Sangchu in the investigation. "Se7en is not guilty."

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