Friday, June 28, 2013

Agency Denies Costume Girl's Day Yura at MV 'Female President' Vulgar

11:35 PM

Until now, Girl's Day's music video "Female President" still reap criticism for being too sexy. One reason the tight costumes worn by Yura where she impressed her legs to show off.

For the sake of avoiding the hoopla, Dreamt Entertainment agency clarified that it was not just a costume Yura one-piece dress skimpy. Affirmed by Dreamt Entertainment, Yura tight full body costume.

"The subject Yura is part of the overall costume is pretty tight," said the agency. "Not just a one-piece dress but full body costume that makes up most of the body is not exposed."

But despite trying to defend himself, netizens remain disappointed with the music video "Female President". "Although it has been described, but there was no denying that the music video too vulgar," said a netizen.

Meanwhile, Girl's Day reveals that they are not depressed despite protests flooded. Moreover, thousands of people still attend their comeback showcase in Seoul, recently.

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