Friday, June 28, 2013

Still Admits Contacts, Suzy Affirm Not dating with Kim Soo Hyun

11:31 PM

Miss A's Suzy constantly exposed to the issue going out with Kim Soo Hyun since played together in "Dream High". Suzy himself admitted was chatting with Soo Hyun though the series is over. But he was not going out with actor insists "Secretly Greatly" is.

In a recent interview Suzy admits she still contact Soo Hyun associated serial "Gu Family Book" that starred. But he said it was a matter that is not privileged. Miss A's maknae also straighten out that now they are not very often talk as equally busy.

"I asked him about the filming locations for 'Gu Family Book'. Thought he knew better because never played there before," said Suzy. "We also talked briefly light."

"We kept in touch anyway. I also know a lot of rumors because we were pretty close," continued the star of the series "Big" is. "But lately we are both busy so not too frequent contact with each other."

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