Friday, June 28, 2013

Baek Ji Young Will Break 3 Months to Recovery After Miscarriage

11:25 PM

Baek Ji Young
is still grieving over a miscarriage she experienced. The singer of "Good Boy" is planning a short break from the world of entertainment for their restoration. Ji Young will be on hiatus for 3 months.

Not only singing activities, Ji Young and Jung Suk Won also cancel their honeymoon. They will depart to Las Vegas in early July after all the completed schedule. This is done in order to focus Ji Young recuperate.

"Baek Ji Young will take a break for 3 months from all the activities," said agency spokesman. "Actually, he also has plans honeymoon to Las Vegas, Nevada, in early July but the plan was also shelved."

Baek Ji Young is currently 12 weeks pregnant with the married Jung Suk Won married on June 2. But on June 27, the singer of "That Man" was declared a miscarriage after complaining of stomach pain. He is currently resting at the hospital accompanied by her family after undergoing surgery.

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