Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kang Sora dress incident at Busan Film Festival Event

5:18 PM

Embarrassing experience just happened to Kang Sora. It happened when Kang Sora strolling performances Busan Film Festival 2012 on October 5. The dress she wore tear suddenly in front of the media covering the event.

Leeteuk couple in "We Got Married" is wearing an elegant red dress. As I walked the blue carpet in the rear suddenly torn dress Kang Sora is quite wide. Fortunately, he soon realized and holding the open section.

Although her ​​dress was torn in front of the media crew but Kang Sora no panic. He seemed calm despite the rush for his assistant.

Kang Sora also previously appeared on the red carpet of the event with a number of actors and other top Korean actress. At that time he was wearing a black dress with a single rose that makes it like a princess. Kang Sora originally appeared tense as the media portrayed but finally he showed a shy smile.

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