Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nana After School Treated For Fall from Stage

5:21 PM

Raina or Nana in recovery after earlier falling from the stage as high as 1 meter. Based on the examination at the hospital, After School member is not seriously injured but still had to rest because it is still in shock.

"There was no damage to the bone, but due to injury and still experiencing some symptoms, we will cancel all of its activities," the agency said. "He will rest to recuperate."

This means, Nana absent not only for personal activities but also related to the promo single and After School's new album, "First Love".

Before the beginning of June, After School member, Lizzy, suffered an ankle injury sidelines exercise. He was not able to follow the gig aktivity of After School.

"I'm very excited to try the movement that we have never learned before. Yet I fell and hurt myself," says Lizzy. "I'm very disappointed because my training for 6 months so in vain."

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