Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shinhwa's Andy Revealed Real Reason Not Logged HOT

5:13 PM

HOT and Shinhwa an earlier generation of K-pop boy band that made ​​a name as an agency SM Entertainment skyrocketed great. The members of Shinhwa and HOT are known to undergo trainee almost simultaneously. Now former HOT member, Moon Hee Jun, a revealing one surprising fact about them.

During this time many who know that Andy is prepared to become a member of Shinhwa HOT But Tony Ahn who eventually entered the famous boyband single "Candy" is. When was the reason Andy chose Tony because age is too young to join the boy band.

Tony said that initially he and Andy became SM trainees seeing talent search advertising in the newspaper. "We passed the audition and become a trainee, but then comes the problem who will put HOT," said Tony in the show "20th Century Boy".

"Actually agency prefers to Andy," continued lover Girl's Day's Hyeri. "But because he was too young then decided to go in the next group. Then I'm the one chosen to be a member."

The statement was followed Hee June that the main reason for choosing Tony's actually not that. The decision to eliminate Andy emerged from all member HOT own.

"Actually there is one thing that we never told before," said Hee June "Actually, the agency told us to choose between Tony or Andy. All members chose Tony."

HOT Leader election is then claimed that the reason for this is also not known Andy. "Do not tell me-tell Andy yes," said Hee Jun who invite others laugh.

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