Friday, June 28, 2013

Kahi: in After School Uee Start Losing Popular from Nana and Lizzy

7:38 PM

Kahi expressed his views as a former member of After School while performing on "Radio Star". He felt the popularity Uee is now not as popular as before. Uee even started being overtaken by Nana and Lizzy.

In the event, MC Kim Gura discuss competition with Kahi Uee popularity in the past. Kim Gura also considers current After School has been less popular than Sistar. But instead saying Kahi Uee is not as famous yet.

"When you're starring Uee and advertising a water park, Uee is very famous at that time," said Kim Gura. "Now it looks like After School have started losing Sistar. Uee But still famous, right?"

"Currently Uee began vulnerable position," said Kim Gura Kahi answered with reason because Uee already 25 years old. He also said his view that Nana and Lizzy looks more famous now.

Kahi also confirmed greeting Kim Gura, Nana and Lizzy is more famous than Uee. "Currently, After School member is the most famous member of Orange Caramel," he added.

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