Monday, May 6, 2013

Kim Tae Hee South Korean Artist Most hated in North Korea

7:35 PM

It was shocking, from the testimony of North Korean refugees, South Korean celebrities they hate most is Kim Tae Hee. This was revealed when the program Channel A variety show, "Meet Now", May 5, aired special programs highlighting the refugees in North Korea. According to them, Tae Hee is the most hated celebrity people of North Korea.

Reported by allkpop, one of the refugees interviewed said that Rain lover is known as a bad woman there. According to him, the image Tae Hee has been attached as a woman is not good since playing the character of an antagonist in the series "Stairway to Heaven".

This news was immediately responded much netter South Korea. According to them, the reason the refugees were very unreasonable, considering it was just a role Tae Hee just so impressed overstated.

In South Korea, the name Tae Hee again after the much talked about affair with Rain lifted to the public.

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