Friday, May 3, 2013

Lee Da Hae Perform Admits Plastic Surgery

6:12 PM

Lee Da Hae has just made ​​a startling statement when she appeared on the television show. Star of the series "Miss Ripley" is acknowledges that he underwent plastic surgery to enhance her face.

"Before my body fat at all. I also reshape my face," said Da Hae makes the host surprised. "I thought you did not do plastic surgery," said Moon Hee Jun.

Da Hae itself does not indicate in detail which parts face surgery. He was just answering the question in June Hee jokingly. "Keep thinking like that," he said.

Hee June then further respond Da Hae answer by saying that the operation was certainly done very smoothly until he could not tell the difference. Star of the series "Chuno" it then just laughed. As a result of the netizens who heard confessions Da Hae was immediately crowded talk.

"Actually, I've long felt different from her past in 'My Girl'," commented a netizen. "I'm sure he did it quite a lot because of her acting so stiff, her skin is no longer flexible," added another netter. "No wonder I felt in 'IRIS 2' she's prettier than all the previous projects."

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