Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two actress is accused Accidentally Opens Vital Body Parts BIFF Red Carpet

11:09 PM

Busan International Film Festival ( BIFF ) is the 18th time it has been officially opened on October 3 . The top actress and actors becomes the media spotlight when walking the red carpet . Among the celebrities there who steal the show in a dress too sexy .

There are two actresses that make the crew 's eyes grew wide media and netizens with her ​​dress that Han Kang Soo Ah and Hanna . Soo Ah come dressed wearing a glamorous gold gown very low cleavage and thigh pieces are high . While Hanna was wearing closed but leaves open the back is very low .

Hanna widely criticized by netizens as a model the back of her dress almost spit his ass . Can be seen when walking around the top of her butt that led to speculation he was not wearing panties .

" After showing off breasts can not now be indulgence in the ass ? " comments netter. " Is she not wearing underwear ? Give me a break ! " Other critics . " Hemisphere ass it ruin the overall design of the dress is actually beautiful . "

Meanwhile Soo Ah is actually wearing a dress open still within reasonable limits . But the criticism was coming when he cleared her dress while posing for photographs . Chest and thighs actress who also starred in the series " The King's Dream " ( KBS , 2012) is also terumbar clear and photographed by a camera reporter .

" The more that deliberately show off ya body on the red carpet . Come next year naked gentlemen , " criticism netter . " He deliberately huh ? " Other added . " Why prestigious film festival is not well known actress met with the attention-seeking indulgence of the body ? "

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