Thursday, December 12, 2013

SNSD Yoona news Experiencing a Car Accident

8:12 AM

It surprisingly revealed from several major media reports in Korea . Yoona of Girls ' Generation mentioned ever in a car accident . The news was confirmed by SM Entertainment spokesman .

Some sources claimed to have been rumors that Yoona had a collision last month . " The cause of the crash was due to technical problems existing vehicles inside Yoona , Yoona car driven another car when the accident happened , " said the source .

The accident occurred when Yoona departure to undergo activity. At that time he was driving a car with his manager and fortunately they were both fine . Now the BC representative assured that there are no serious problems as a result of the accident .

" Yoona is actually in a car accident in early November , " said spokesman Newsen . " But it's only a minor collision and he was fine . "

Spokesman confirms that Yoona will continue filming " Prime Minister and I" as usual . He will also perform with SNSD at their concert in the series SMTOWN WEEK on 22 December.

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