Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apology From One Of Audio Recording Transmitters EXO Members With a Woman

5:21 PM

EXO a netizen discussion when someone spread the audio recording during one of the games of the bottom of it's members . The member 's get excited because of the bottom of the game with the girl who allegedly A Pink . After clarifying the agency , now the perpetrators confess and apologize.

A woman wrote in a post on a blog claiming to be " Bboom " . The name is the owner of a female voice that is often mentioned in the record . It was utter how early start to interact with EXO member at League of Legends ( LoL ) .

"I find no member EXO play online games then. When he started playing them say ' Hi Bboom Enter 1212 ' and I can log in with the password 1212 , " Show the person. "While attention to members ' League of Legends ' of the bottom of my other chat room hack them . Apparently they stopped to chat to me out of the bottom TalkOn hack ( voice chat room ) . "

Bboom pleaded 's possible deg - time secretly recording the proceedings for EXO idolized . It embroider with her ​​cell phone and heard a voice keyboard that was hers. " Sehun and Baekhyun is my favorite celebrity . Gementaran time I did it (the tape ) , " said him .

However Bboom say still appreciate the very personal to edit contents of audio recordings . "I also remove some other parts such as Sehun mention their current address , " he wrote again .

"I think initially I wrote in regret . Realize I'm late reporting faults when reading , " he continued . " Now I'm really sorry. From now on I will support them in the right way . "

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