Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is Sooyoung SNSD Jealous With Yuri SNSD Still Remain Slim Stomach In TV Shows?

5:30 PM

The " One Night of TV Entertainment " featured a number of video action Kwon Yuri of Girls ' Generation . The video shows a flat stomach and muscular Yuri . In that event , the stomach Yuri Sooyoung was compared with that in fact is the host of "One Night of TV Entertainment " .

" Is your stomach too muscular ? " Yoon Do Hyun asked hosted at Sooyoung . While joking , Sooyoung also said that the muscular stomach does not like Yuri . " I have a trident -shaped muscle but did not . Muscle belly is more like a fork for the dessert , " Sooyoung said to laughter from the audience .

At that time , the coach Yuri revealed that the actress " Fashion King " is indeed very happy exercising . Even at other times of rest , Yuri will keep exercising .

" It is normal to take istrirahat between filming , but Yuri never rest , " said the trainer . " To be honest I just can not do like him , I think he is amazing . "

Sooyoung also confirmed that Yuri speech coach . " He's always working out every day . As coach , he even exercising when the schedule is over . " Sooyoung said . " One Night of TV Entertainment " is a show that aired on SBS .

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