Sunday, December 1, 2013

SNSD Yoona true prettier than Go Ara Lee Yeon - Hee?

7:38 PM

Who can deny the beauty Yoona ? a personnel Girls ' Generation is also has a natural beauty that is admired by many. Yoona himself also believes that it is more beautiful than beauty other SM Entertainment artists , such as Go Ara Lee Yeon Hee or .
Yoona revealed this while appearing on the show " Entertainment Relay " KBS , November 30. MC asked who is the most beautiful among the three artists dainty SM Entertainment , Yoona immediately replied , " Sorry , ( the most beautiful is ) Yoona " . But according to Yoona , confidence is more important to have than a beauty .
In this event , YoonA also revealed that he dreamed a dream date . This beautiful girl claimed to want a romantic date as desired most of the other girls .
" Dating the normal mediocre , but romantic , " said Yoona . " As both a movie , a meal, a walk , to the cafes and take me home . "
At the end of 2013 , Yoona also hopes his latest series , " Prime Minister and I" , can get good results .
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