Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heechul Super Junior's Has not had a Girlfriend

8:03 PM

Fans usually do not like his idol dating , but it seems not with Super Junior's Kim Heechul . He claimed even her fans told her to immediately find a boyfriend aggressively .

When filling the radio show " Cultwo Show" , Heechul also casually admitted to dating a celebrity . "It's been a long time ( not dating ) since the last time I dated a celebrity , " said Heechul .

The statement surprised but answered two radio DJs relaxed by Heechul . "Of course I'm never going out . I'm not young anymore , " he continued . Former hosts " Radio Star " was also disclosed that the current fans worried about the future romance .

" My fans sent out to start dating because they see too many games and read comics all the time , " said Heechul . " They want me to go out with a real person , instead of living in a fantasy world . "

" My fans worried maybe I'll fall in love with the character of the game , " said Heechul jokingly . " But everyone 's got different tastes and this time it taste like .

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