Thursday, December 19, 2013

Park Shin Hye I Kissed Shocked Lee Min Ho

5:55 AM

Park Shin Hye is required to carry out a kiss scene with Lee Min Ho in the series " Heirs " . However , he did not think that Lee Min Ho really into that scene and kiss her passionately .

" I was very surprised , " said Park Shin Hye . " During the passionate kiss scene , I immediately grabbed the shirt of Lee Min Ho . Mencengkramnya because I was in shock and the scene is really showing. "

Actress " Flower Boys Next Door " was deeply grateful that he did not have to repeat the intimate scenes . Shin Hye revealed he was confused what to do when the director told him to kiss .

" We were filming the first part when the director told us to kiss , " he added . "I do not know what to do , so I just stood still before the scene starts . Fortunately , no error occurred . "

" Heirs " is a series that just finished airing on SBS stations . The stars who enliven this series include Choi Jin Hyuk , Kim Woo Bin , Kim Ji Won , Krystal f ( x ) , Hyungsik ZE : A and CN Blue's Kang Min Hyuk . The series is written by Kim Eun Sook script which is the author of " Secret Garden " and " A Gentleman 's Dignity " .

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