Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lee Hyori Reveals Reasons Small Reception Held and Closed

1:44 AM

Lee Hyori makes a surprise when choosing a wedding party held in a closed session in Jeju . Now, he uncovering reasons for choosing to hold in private and attended only limited guests .

Shown first time with her ​​husband , Lee Sang Soon , the singer of " U Go Girl " was admitted to not like the fancy reception with lots of invitations . According to him , the party as it does not leave the impression that he does not want to experience it .

" Every time I come to the wedding in the building , the show was over in 30 minutes and his bride did not know anyone who came there to congratulate him , " said Hyori . " I feel like the reception futile , so I do not want to do that someday . "

Hyori also claim very lucky to meet a husband who supports the idea . Finally they decided to set up own marriage is much easier because held at home. He also avoids the " exploit " his fellow celebrities in order to be more comfortable atmosphere .

" We do all things wedding related so as to provide a lasting impression for all who come , " he continued . " We feel comfortable preparing for this wedding since the day before . Dress I was wearing was not expensive and comfortable to wear . Bouquet of flowers also made ​​of flowers taken in the garden of the house . "

" We have a lot of friends but I think the famous singer would not be comfortable when they come . So finally my father singing with Lee Sang Soon guitar during the show and it made ​​me feel more comfortable , " said Hyori . " I hope the wedding was ' relaxed ' as this could be more popular in the future . "

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