Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 News Scandal K - Pop Hot For 2013

8:19 PM

1 . Rising Star : Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk

Every year the Korean entertainment star gave birth to a new and this time it was two actors " School 2013 " . Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk soared after starring in the series with each project , both acting and advertising model . Woo Bin stealing attention through " Heirs " and the movie " Friend 2 " , while Jong Suk was also successful in the drama " I Hear Your Voice " , the movie " No Breathing " , " Young Blood " and " The Face Reader " .

2 . Marriage Hallyu Star

 Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were married on August 10 with a lavish reception at the hotel . Weddings at the end of the year closed with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have chosen to hold a casual wedding party covered in Jeju on September 1.

3 . New Celebrity Couple Korea

2013 became the year that gave birth to many couples Hallyu Star , whether serious or just long secretly dating . Surprisingly, there are 2 producer of YG Entertainment's having an affair with the celebrity that Han Ye Seul and Teddy and Brown Eyed Girls Jea and Choi Pil Kang .
Moon Geun Young - Kim Bum also surprised the public by suddenly announcing dating because stick together while filming " Goddess of Fire " . While couples Won Bin - Lee Na Young and Jo In Sung - Kim Min Hee recently admitted dating after the paparazzi photographed . Of the existing idol T - ara 's Soyeon 3 years of courtship with Oh Jong Hyuk Click B.
Kim Woo Bin and Ahn Ji Yoo models have been secretly dating for 2 years . Lastly there Bae Yong Joon who recently admitted dating a regular woman 14 years younger . But the most excited when the Rain admitted dating with Kim Tae Hee while the army and cause scandal .

4 . Dating Gossip Suzy and Sulli f ( x )

 Two idol with a plain image are equally exposed to the issue in this year courtship that miss A's Suzy and Sulli f ( x ) . Both are rumored after paparazzi caught them being intimate with the opposite sex .

Suzy caught embracing familiar with Sung Joon , his co-star in " Gu Family Book " . While Sulli surprise netizens when photographed holding hands with Choiza Dynamic Duo are much older . Had been controversial , Suzy and Sulli denied a special relationship with that person .

5 . Experiments Son Ho Young Suicide

  Son Ho Young immediately rushed to the hospital when it was discovered making a suicide attempt on March 24 . He lit coal to gas in his car to meet end life after his girlfriend was found dead of suicide . Now the former personnel GOD hiatus of activity and focus keartisannya recovering at her parents' psychological condition.

6 . Scandal draftee Rain and SE7EN

 Rain Severely many problems while undergoing conscript duty violations that ultimately affect the image of the post out. She was discovered on a date with Kim Tae Hee without using an army hat should be worn when outside . Rain also pointed receive special treat to leave 60 days per year and often out is not part of his job . Finally he stood committee and the sentence brackets kedisplinan week in military barracks .

SE7EN in conscript in March but was soon tripping scandal that sparked controversy Carousel citizens . In June he was caught out tonight with Mighty Mouth Sangchu to massage parlors plus plus completion of the job. This incident finally triggered the military department to remove the PR division which is often used as the destination of celebrities currently conscript duty .

7 . Park Shi Hoo Sex Scandal

 Park Shi Hoo became headlines when a woman claiming to have been raped stars serial " Princess Man " was . It also recognizes and develops directly threaten jolt involving many parties. But Shi Hoo finally agreed to sacrifice for another interesting claim and did not issue any statement about the case.

8 . Wonder Girls U- KISS and Personnel Loss

By year-end fans and Wonder Girls U- KISS got bad news with the loss of their personnel . Sohee decided not to renew the contract in order to pursue a career in acting groups . Whereas Dongho from U - KISS out for health reasons .

9. Ahreum LADA T-ara Suspected Possession

Ahreum netizen spotlight after issuance of T-ara. Netter suspected Ahreum evil spirit because often peculiar posting on SNS, pleaded can see ghosts and appearance as a sick person. Core Contents Media does not give a clear confirmation yet convinced that the mother Ahreum okay and certainly have a strange way of thinking since childhood.

10. Wonder Girls Sunye and Byul Produce

Haha wife, Byul, first birth male sex pairs on 9 July and gave the name Dream. Meanwhile, Wonder Girls Sunye married in January and give birth to her first child October 16. It is through the process of changing to 8 hours to produce the princess was named Hailey. Sunye became the first idol to get married and have children while still a member girlband.

Queen of the Ballad , Baek Ji Young , eventually also release the single with Jung Suk Won is 9 years younger on June 2 . Got pregnant first rumored evasive , they lost a baby because Ji Young candidate miscarriage shortly after getting married . Then July 1 , Han Hye Jin shocked the public suddenly married to footballer Ki Sung Yong .

This year wedding bells also tolled for many celebrity couples . Beginning with Wonder Girls Sunye 's wedding on 26 January followed by other celebrities .