Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lee Jong Suk Turns Fear of Insects

12:41 AM

Lee Jong Suk has a handsome face and cameos, but it also has drawbacks. Turns star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" is afraid of insects.

This was revealed when interviewed Jong Suk "One Night of TV Entertainment". In the middle of the interview she suddenly panicked when no insects are flying toward him. Jong Suk is trying to avoid being the insect infestation.

"I hate bugs," the actor said the film "No Breathing" it. "Once upon a time I saw a cockroach in my house and I called my friend to throw him out."

Hosted the event and then ask how the friend who asked for help by the Jong suk. "He yelled at makiku," he replied that makes all the crew laugh.

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