Thursday, December 26, 2013

Apology From Sunye Has Been Hindering Career Wonder Girls

12:50 AM


Wonder Girls become hot after talks Sonye break off from the group . Sunye also had to be highlighted because netizens still renew his contract . Sunye has now apologized via Twitter.

" I really am sorry Wonder Girls can not be promoted because of my decision , " Sunye tweet on December 24 . " I know my words can not satisfy everyone but at least I want to apologize . "

"I ask your support for the Wonder Girls invidu activity right now, " said Sunye . " This year I am very happy for you all and it was so worth it . Thank you and I hope that 2013 be a year full of good luck to all. Merry Christmas ! "

Unfortunately , Sunye not mention the details of the decision that he meant . But allegations led to the decision Sunye netizens living in America after marriage . Indeed, many netizens who criticize it selfish to live abroad and still raise the child as a member of Wonder Girls but not a career .

While Sohee decided to get out of the group thanks to the popular " Nobody" for the sake of acting career . Reportedly he also let a contract with JYP Entertainment . JYP 's own party has not issued an official statement regarding this matter .

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