Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lee Dong Wook Reveals Experience romance

8:29 AM

Lee Dong wook talked openly about her love life while performing on " Taxi " . He recounted his experience when first dating and plans to stay single for a while.

Star of the series " Scent of a Woman " was admitted last dating 7 months ago . But this time he has not kepikiran to find a boyfriend again and enjoy life as a single man . Dong Wook also said it is not planning to get married despite having imagined .

" I thought about it , imagine what if I marry my boyfriend . , But somehow I can not serious , " said Dong Wook . " Even today I am not planning to get married . "

" I 'm not interested ( have a girlfriend ) . Singles and I feel comfortable because there is no limit , " he continued . " I want to meet the person who got me interested but not a lot of opportunity and I can not do blind dates . "

Although busy as an artist but Dong Wook said he was satisfied with his love during this trip . He was happy never to have a long relationship . " I'm going for 2-3 years . Guess so it is important to live a long time together , " he added .

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