Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plagiarism case Serial Kim Soo Hyun jolt ' Man from the Star '

5:04 PM

Hovers serial plagiarism addressed in " Man from the Star " has heated up . Kang Kyung Ok threatened to sue serial starring Kim Soo Hyun 's because the comic plagiarized workmanship paeda 2007.

On January 28 , Kyung Ok post on his blog titled " Final Warning " which contains his statement in the law will undermine the " Man from the Star " . The production , HB Entertainment, had heard the threat and issue response.

" We will not recognize the prompting of plagiarism against the ' Man from the Stars ' , " said the spokesman . " If Kang Kyung Ok decided to file a lawsuit then we will act . "

Ok Kyung tudingannya first voiced in December last year. He believes the story of the " Man from the Star " komiknya similar substance called " Seol Hee " . " Journal of Hae Kwang can be made by anyone but the story of 400-year -old man remains young and live in the present as well as the love story of the meeting after 12 years of separation and childhood friends I made at the ' Seol Hee ' , " he said .

While the production plead not know about comics " Seol Hee " and was never consulted about the story is similar . They also stressed there was never a suggestion of the comic 's current production preparation . While in this " Man from the Stars " is dominated by high rated highly .