Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jonghyun SHINee and Lee Yu Bi Compact Objects Courtship Issues

5:11 PM

Jonghyun SHINee suddenly became the center of media attention when it published news dating with actress named Lee Yu Bi. Now SM Entertainment and Sidus HQ says that gossip is not true. Both insist that Jonghyun and Yu Bi just friends .

" They're just good friends. They close as friends but definitely not dating, " says Yu Bi agency representation . " We 've been confirmed since the advent of this courtship gossip and indeed they are close , but not as lovers . "

Sidus HQ 's statement is also allowed by the SM . " They are just friends as equally often born 1990 gathering with others, " spokesman SM recharge .

Previously, a media claims that Jonghyun and actress serial " Gu Family Book " was already an official courtship since late last year. "The relationship grew so love their friendship and now they love each other , " wrote the article.

According to media reports , Jonghyun and Bi Yu Kang Min Kyung courtship thanks Davichi matchmaker so they are also affiliated gang birth 90 . Both are reported regularly in Gangnam date and number of times emerge hand in hand . Now Kang Min Kyung also issued a statement on its name which follow the trail in this love gossip .

"The issue is said Kang Min Kyung so makcomblang Jonghyun and Lee Yu Bi is not true, " said the spokesman Core Contents Media . "But it's true good friend of Kang Min Kyung Yu Bi . Bemused It was reported as makcomblang follow in their gossip . "

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