Monday, January 6, 2014

Girl 's Day More Adult and Feminine in Music Video ' Something '

5:22 PM

Girl 's Day has finally released the music video for " Something " , Friday ( 3/1 ) . Girlband made ​​DreamTea Entertainment is once again launching the mini album " Everyday 3 " .

Four members of Girl's Day appears more mature and feminine in the music video duration 3 minutes 46 seconds of this . Sexy dance is also re- used by the girl group formerly known as the cute concept though not so vulgar in the music video " Female President " which was released last June .

Party agency before uncovering Girl's Day will appear mature and feminine after the personnel is of age . They could also be showing its charm as a woman with a song and dance that is more diverse .

" Compared to ' Expectation ' and ' Female President ' , this time they will show a more mature concept and feminine . Entire personnel had reached adulthood so that it can display the song and dance that is more diverse , " said a spokeswoman DreamTea Entertainment . " So the whole personnel as a woman can display her charms to the fullest . "

" Something" is one of the four songs in the mini album " Everyday 3 " . All the songs in the mini album 3rd Girl 's Day 's written , created and produced by Duble Sidekick .

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