Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miss A's Suzy recognition About Marriage, Suzy Confessing Want Can Marry Soon

5:24 PM

Although still young and popular but it seems to miss A's Suzy is not afraid of marriage . Star of the series " Family Gu Book " is even claimed to want to get married .

Suzy discuss the age of legal age to enter Korea this year in an interview " One Night of TV Entertainment " . That's when he said he wanted to get married as soon as possible with someone his age . With so Suzy hopes with his age range not much later .

" I want to get married early , " said Suzy . " I want to get married to someone my age . "

" I do not want a big age difference with my son , so we can talk a lot of things like friends , " he continued . " Once I find someone who can make me think ' I want to marry him ' then I'm going to get married right then and there . "

MC the event was teased Suzy that he has a lot of middle-aged male fans will not let it go to get married . Star of the series " Dream High " was no laughing matter to respond so asked the kind of guy who ideally. " Kang Dong Won , " Suzy replied sheepishly .

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