Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rain Reveals Biggest Regret Her life

5:27 PM

Rain has become a big star who recognized competence in the field of singing at the same time acting. But apparently he still has the biggest regret of his life. Is it ?

In the show " Rain Effect " , lover Kim Tae Hee revealed that remorse towards his mother . He admits that they do not have time to feel sorry unpleasant mother before she died .

" My hope is to want to do the best thing for him to use my own money , " said Rain . " Biggest regret of my life is not a bad time to buy food or fine clothes . I envy the people who her mother is still alive . "

Rain also revealed always been to the tomb of the mother of the late release an album every time . It was also he did for a comeback this year with the album " Rain Effect " .

" I always pray for his blessing so that my album to be successful , " said Rain . " I also ask for support so that I am strong to face all the difficulties and to do my best . "

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