Monday, January 6, 2014

Jinwoon 2AM Development Agency Announces Usai Accidents

5:15 PM

Jinwoon 2AM calamities that befall managed to make his fans worried . Yet the condition is reportedly getting better . Representative agencies Jinwoon revealed today could start again .

The health is also increasingly showing progress . However , the artist who had starred in " We Got Married " is still not allowed to run or strenuous workout .

"He has not fully recovered, but he was able to walk and her health steadily improving, " said agency representation . " Stay another month so he can leave the rehabilitation center . But he still can not run and work out . "

Some time ago, Jinwoon also managed to make a record album with 2AM though can only sit because of injury his leg. Jinwoon is it natural accident on October 7 last time his car was hit by a truck weighing 25 tons. Fortunately , Jinwoon lives could be saved even if the car is heavily damaged.

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