Monday, January 27, 2014

4:50 PM

Recently, netizens in Korea Crayon Pop attitude busy talking on Girls ' Generation. Netizens seem to find one member of Crayon Pop pushed back Sunny Girls ' Generation until his body pushed forward .

The incident seemed to happen when the Seoul Music Awards show some time ago . Looks Crayon Pop stood behind SNSD while posing for photos together like other performers . Netter noticed that encourages Way Sunny rough and it eventually makes a scene SNSD netizens and fans .

" How could they do such a thing on a senior ? " Netter criticism . " I think Sunny is not even aware of already treated so , " added the other . "If I see , clearly Sunny encouraged to have them seen by a camera . "

While the agency Crayon Pop , Chrome Entertainment , immediately issued a statement. They denied the existence of events pushed Sunny . " Way was not pushed Sunny , " said the representative .

" If you look closer the video , not just a gif image , you can see that actually happening , " he continued . " When Tiffany interesting Sunny , Ellin Way embracing hands . At the same time , it looks like the Way to push Sunny but in reality he did not. "

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