Sunday, January 12, 2014

Park Shin Hye Comment Have a photo of her Big T

4:30 PM

Park Shin Hye  lips while attending the opening of the Miu Miu boutique in Peking Road , Hong Kong , on January 8 . Not only beautiful praised , but his appearance shocked netizens . In a chest Shin Hye photos looked very contained .

Apparently Shin Hye alone know the image is the talk of the netizens . He said flattered called sexy with big boobs like that . But Shin Hye confirms that her breasts look plump because of the effects of light .

" Hahaha , I heard that I mention sexy . Thank you for shadows and hair , " Shin Hye wrote on Twitter . " I do not know whether to laugh or sad , hehehe . "

In the post Shin Hye also straighten out that the photo is not an official of the management . " The picture was not coming from my Weibo ! Photo like that in my Weibo , " bright star of the series " Heirs " is.

Although it has been confirmed only camera angle error but the netter praised Shin Hye . " If your chest is as big as it was still pretty anyway , " wrote netter . " She has curves but is not in the chest and it still makes it beautiful," said the other .

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