Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunny SNSD Warn Follow sasaeng the Round ?

9:01 PM
Sasaeng existence of any celebrity is always a hassle . This time it seems Sunny Girls ' Generation who have to deal with the act sasaeng.

Allegations were strengthened when Sunny wrote a warning via Twitter . He complained followed when going home to her family by driving alone .

" I went to my parents house to eat . I'm not adept at driving so it will not make you lose track , " writes Sunny . " But I'm scared and worried if someone else will have an accident because of the way you drive . No headlines for today so do not follow me anymore . "

It remains unclear whether the follow Sunny is sasaeng or paparazzi . But the netter suspect in question is the paparazzi because he used the word " scoop " which means " news " . Not a few were suspected members of SNSD are now frequently followed by paparazzi since Yoona and Sooyoung spotted on a date .

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