Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three university Cancel Appearance Due Secret Hyosung's Incident

4:12 PM

Incident democratization mispronounce words do apparently Hyosung long tails. The errors appear to make Secret rejected by 3 universities in Korea.

According to reports, several events are scheduled at the university attended Secret reject the presence of the singer "Madonna" is. Sogang University, Hanyang University and Sungkyunkwan University have canceled their request that Secret guest appearances at campus events.

"After we discuss the growing controversy about the emergence Secret agency," said spokesman Sogang University. "With the warning 'Gwangju Democratization Movement' the agency and the students themselves feel uncomfortable with the presence of Secret so decided to cancel it."

Although the third university to cancel but the agency stated Secret stays on other campus events. Additionally Hyosung also wrote back his apology on Twitter. He was upset that his words got a lot of negative responses so chose to apologize again.

"I'm not going to defend myself anymore but I'm writing again because this is the most appropriate way to apologize," wrote Hyosung. "I'm really sorry to have casually used the word democracy and forgot that I could affect a lot of people."

"I just want to communicate with fans and often wonder what they think, so I checked the internet. I often find the phrase 'democratization by Hyosung'," he continued. "I do not know what it means to the right and I think it's a positive thing, as it suggested something else. Negative I did not know it until this incident."