Thursday, May 23, 2013

Park Shi Hoo Will Stop All The activities until the End of

4:15 PM

Completion of the rape allegation case that wraps Park Shi Hoo seemingly made ​​him want to rush back to the world of entertainment. Star of the series "Princess Man" will reportedly cease all activity until the end of the year.

Shi Hoo reveals now there are no plans doing any promotion or taking the project to the rest of the year. The decision to take a hiatus to give Shi Hoo time introspection of rape that happened. It also decided not to hold a press conference revealing the truth of this case.

"Park Shi Hoo is not thought to perform in this year's campaign. Even if there is a chance that he will wait until next year to start a new project," said a source. "Currently Shi Hoo will rest for introspection."

Previous KBS reveal Shi Hoo can not appear on the screen even though they are not mem-official black list. "Although he was not banned, but this case is still being discussed publicly if he remained in the foreseeable future," said representatives of KBS.

Decision to be absent from the entertainment world also makes the netter sad but accept it gracefully. "I thought this would happen, but I think it is the best," commented a netizen. "I will miss the smile Park Shi Hoo."

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