Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ryu Si Won Denies Spying on Wife Violence and Perform

4:20 PM

Long not been heard, actor Ryu Si Won senior public attention when she sued the violence. Now the star of the series "Style" that denies spying on his wife with a GPS and do domestic violence.

Ryu Si Won is suspected of having put a GPS to track the whereabouts of his wife for 8 months. The wife claimed that a tracking device installed in the car knows when put to the garage in May 2011. His cell phone is also fitted with a tracking device and when it was revealed Ryu Si Won made ​​angry and then threatened him.

"I was very shocked and upset. I've never done anything violent and hopes the claims were proven false," said a spokesman for the agency R's Company. "I will reveal the truth when in court."

"I will work hard to uncover the reality. I will take steps to fight the lawsuit is not fair," he continued. "The lawsuit appears to divert the issue to suit his divorce (Ryu Si Won's wife). Well I'm going to defend my honor."

Ryu Si Won married his wife in 2010 and sued for divorce in March last year. The wife then reported him for acts of violence and threats carried out in February this year. As a result of this lawsuit makes their crime has not been able to resolve divorce matters.

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