Monday, May 27, 2013

Son Ho Young Still Life Suicide When Conducting Experiments

5:26 PM

Shocking news came from Son Ho Young after it had just attended the funeral of his lover who died of suicide. On Friday (24/5) morning local time, Ho Young attempted suicide.
According to police reports, Ho Young parked his car near the church Onnuri, Seoul, and tried to commit suicide in the same way with her lover. He lit coal to gas to meet in his car. The car then caught fire so ex-member boyband GOD it out of the fire escape and rescued by passersby.
Ho Young was then rushed to the hospital after his salvation called the police. Young Ho is currently still in the hospital for treatment. Fortunately he was not seriously injured and his condition began to improve.
"Son Ho Young burn coal to commit suicide but then one part of the car on fire," the police representative said. "We have not been able to confirm further because the inside of the car burst into flames. Currently we will be checking."
Young Ho party agency has so far not issued a statement and the circumstances are unclear. Allegations Ho Young depressed because of negative comments and rumors of bad netizen growing. "We're figuring out this problem. He's had a difficult time," said a source.
Earlier on May 21, Ho Young to attend the funeral at the Seoul Medical Center lover. During the funeral he kept awake all day to receive condolences. While the deceased family was reportedly cursing winners "Korean Celebrity Master Chef" is when questioned by police.
Update:Son Ho Young's agency issued a statement that the artist was still undergoing treatment at the hospital. "He will be treated for 2-4 days. Though there are no injuries but the psychological condition is very fragile and needs care for her stability," said a spokesman.
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