Monday, May 27, 2013

Park Shi Hoo movie 'Confession of Murder' Still Live in Japan

5:32 PM

Park Shi Hoo's career may have trouble in South Korea after the alleged rape case that happened. But it seems no effect in other countries. His latest film, "Confession of Murder", will continue to serve in Japan.

This is the first film in which he plays the main character. The plan, "Confession of Murder" will premiere held at Cinema de Tokyo on June 1, local time.

Although ravaged case, Shi Hoo popularity in Japan is still high. In fact, according to a poll conducted the Japanese portal website, Park Shi Hoo remains one of the favorite Hallyu Star.

"Park Shi Hoo, prince on the screen is transformed into a handsome killer," wrote one magazine in Japan. "He showed acting debut in the action film as a serial killer."

Representatives of Park Shi Hoo said if the case had not happened, we can be sure to eat a career actor "Cheongdamdong Alice" is going to skyrocket. "If Park Shi Hoo was not involved in the incident, he certainly won many awards at various award as Baeksang Arts Awards. We hope to see the adult as Hally Star after the case is completed," said the representative of Park Shi Hoo.

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