Monday, May 27, 2013

Really Gossip Eunhyuk and IU to marry in October?

5:38 PM

Eunhyuk and IU romance issue erupted again. They suddenly rumored to be getting married in October. Apparently the rumor also reached the ears of the other members of Super Junior, Choi Siwon, who then tease on Twitter.

In some online community news emerged that mention a famous solo singer who was starring in the series will be married to popular boyband member. Singer initials "A" was to be married to idol initials "H" in October. They reportedly desperate to persuade the agency to be allowed to marry and have suspected since first pregnancy.

Media suspect is a solo singer IU is because he is currently starring in the series "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin". Eunhyuk's name was linked as ever intimate photo scandal with singer of "Good Day" was at the end of last year. This rumor was addressed by colleagues in SuJu Eunhyuk.

"Congratulations to Lee Hyuk Jae," Siwon tweet to Eunhyuk Kangin who later returned. "What today is April Fool's Day?"

While the agency IU, Loen, said he did not know the existence of this gossip. They say just laughed at that. "If true IU married then surely we will announce it officially. Nothing to hide," said a spokesman.

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