Monday, May 27, 2013

Teen Top's Niel Stress Due To Scandal Admits Dating Invited JYP Girlband

5:42 PM

Teen Top's Niel was in the spotlight when Andy Shinhwa reveals he never asked out JYP girl group members. Niel mom was talking about it when appearing on the show "Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia". He said the stress of his son's statement.

"Niel having a tough time. Unconsciously she had hurt some people and there is nothing he can say to help themselves," said Niel mother. "He stressed."

"It is a scandal first so I do not know what to do," said Niel. "A lot of people wrong."

The mother also said that depression is not only experienced but also family Niel. When Niel's parents also were having problems so that the situation becomes completely uncomfortable. Niel even asked her father and mother did not quarrel over this issue.

"Niel tried to calm us down. He had a hard time but it helped us," said Niel mother. "At that moment I realized he was becoming increasingly mature. Would be no greater problem to be faced when living, but we're going through it with optimism."

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