Monday, May 27, 2013

Sports Seoul Scandal Reveals Driving Agency Preaching T-ara N4

5:50 PM

Some time ago T-ara
N4 held a press conference to announce a collaboration with American hip hop musician. Apparently the news content of the press conference driven by T-ara's agency. One of the media, Sports Seoul, admitted his side were forced CEO of Core Contents Media (CCM).
Sports Seoul is now writing an article that reveals the CCM intervention in T-ara preaching N4. With the title "T-ara's agency taught us towards writing articles is an act of 'shameful'", they wrote CCM modify the contents of unwelcome news. They criticized the CCM when Sports Seoul to write the truth about T-ara N4.
According to them, there are 6 news release from the media, but only 5 that meet the standards while the CCM does not belong to Sports Seoul. Because the SS published under the title "Press Conference T-ara N4 career in America do not get applause". When the CCM representatives directly asking edited news just because they are not happy.
In the article stressed that Seoul Sports CCM over-exert yourself while promoting T-ara public view is still bad to them. However, the CCM considers the reports spoil their image. "They are not happy because the subjective opinion journalists, instead of parroting them," wrote Sports Seoul.
Sports Seoul told a press conference actually runs cooler without any interest of the media to ask questions. Some news media writing and uploading photos potluck for not appealing. In addition, because there is no public interest factors, although collaboration with Chris Brown is a special thing.
"The next day CCM representatives came to our editors and issue curses on all of our reporters.'s Gone too far boundary. We lost the words for their actions," wrote Sports Seoul. "If they dare to act like that to us then how is the fate of other media and fans. Honestly, it makes us worry."
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