Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun is leaked last boyfriend Celebrities

9:28 PM

Recognition that this time slid from SS501 Kim Hyung Jun is likely to make fans more curious. Because he admitted his last girlfriend was a celebrity.

Hyung Jun said while appearing on the show "One Night of TV Entertainment". He claimed to last about 2 years ago dating. The singer of "oH! AH!" This saying is a singer and actress girlfriend.

"Relationships that last romance was 1-2 years ago," said Hyung June "The girl that I was dating left me in the middle of the road (the relationship). He is a celebrity. He is a singer and actress and a bit younger than me."

Netizens immediately excited to hear confessions SS501's maknae. "Wow, you're making me speechless," wrote a netizen. "The description of it anyway yes most idols today," complained another netter curious.

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