Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Driving While Intoxicated, Yoo Se Yoon UV Submits Self to Police

9:31 PM

Shocking news came from Yoo Se Yoon UV suddenly handed himself into police on Wednesday (29/5). Performers remain "Radio Star" is indeed turned himself in to police for driving while intoxicated Ilsan.

According to police, Yoon Se come to the office and admitted to drinking alcohol and then keep driving. Rice was around 4, he completed a drink in Gangnam then drove the car to the Ilsan a distance of 30 km. At that time there is a 0.118 percent blood alcohol level in his blood is enough to make his driver's license revoked.

"Yoo Se Yoon was not charged with threat of arrest," said police jury spoke. "Only SIM only drawn by applicable regulations."

"Yoo Se Yoon said gave himself because he felt guilty," he continued. "This is the first time he turned himself in to the police when he has not been caught. We have questioned him and let him go home."

Awareness to surrender this makes netizens confused should praise or criticize. Yoon Se itself also discusses his attitude through his Twitter account. "Come, to be honest," wrote the performers' Barefoot Friends "this.

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