Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brian Joo Ever Almost Suicide When Fly to the Sky Still Active

11:44 PM

Fly to the Sky known as a successful duo in early 2000 through the single "Sea of Love". Now one of its members, Brian Joo, expressed his feelings when the group is still active. Not unexpectedly, he had almost committed suicide because of the status of being an artist.
Brian's statement was made in the "SBS Good Morning" who visited her home. There he says was hit by stress and loneliness when Fly to the Sky reached peak popularity. He had wanted to jump out of his apartment, but was arrested by colleagues, Hwan Hee.

"Fly to the Sky During active I was very stressed and feeling lonely because of living in Korea alone," said Brian. "It also felt a deep sadness result of life in the world of entertainment."

"One day I looked out the window of a 13th floor apartment that I lived with Hwan Hee and for an instant I almost made ​​a mistake," said the singer who is known hilarious. "But I did not jump because Hwan Hee arrest me."

The singer, who is now a solo career that also expressed his gratitude to Hwan Hee. "As long as I'm having a difficult time she's always by my side and never tired of supporting me," said Brian.

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