Wednesday, May 1, 2013

L Infinite Reveals Far Have Two Different Characters

5:51 PM

L is known as a member of a charismatic and cool in the Infinite. But apparently the image into different groups with a personality as Kim Myung Soo (real name). Even the other members call L has two distinct personalities away.
The L personality differences revealed by the show's official Twitter "Weekly Idol" show posts belonging to Infinite. They write the order members who have a different image in the group and outside of the camera. There L wrote on Sung Jong to show him the original.

But even then Sunggyu wrote "the two faces L" followed Hoya, "L and Myung Soo is two different people" and justified by Dongwoo. Not to forget Sungyeol and Sung Jong said "imejnya chic but in real life he was very active and fun".

Not only the Infinite members, apparently similar statement also raised from other idol groups. Rainbow Ji Sook called L surprised because it was awkward, not like the image it bears flower boy. While CAP Teen Top says that all appearances deceived L.

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