Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yoo Na hottest scandal with PSY

6:15 PM

Psy, South Korean rapper who soared through his one-hit wonder, Gangnam Style re-create a scene entertainment world. This time not a legendary song or dance but a problem with one of the specials relations personnel Girl's Generation or SNSD, Yoona. Reporting from, an online media in China reported that SNSD's Yoona has a special relationship with Oppa's Gangnam Style. The article also stated that Yoona and Psy first met about six months ago at a party. Yoona is a taciturn figure while cheery rapper Psy is that can not stay still. This difference is thought to trigger their closeness. After that, Psy often hold parties and Yoona appear to be present in his parties. Reportedly, the wife of Psy know their special relationship, but chose to remain silent for the sake of the good name and career soared Psy being.

Site that contains the article did not include a photo as evidence. As a result, many fans and netizens do not believe and consider it a mere hoax. But the news is still a hot debate in various forums K-Pop. Is Psy truly beautiful affair with SNSD's personnel? Regardless of whether or not the rumors, the fans Oppa Gangnam Style should be proud because on 25 November 2012, Psy will hold a concert in Indonesia. Psy started rising after video hits, Gangnam Style amazing acclaim on YouTube. Psy is also the only South Korean musicians song can penetrate ranks third in the charts in the United States. Many international celebrities have been fascinated by dance and song Psy. They include Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and others.

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