Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scandal Ten Hottest Korean Entertainment World

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VIVAlife - Style of the country that is currently the inspiration for a number of Indonesian music group? Singing group dances accompanied by a compact, certainly emulate one genre in Korea. Not to mention the colorful clothing styles with straight hair who sometimes painted. Favorite movies are often watched by adolescents and sobbing was so romantic, also Korean.

Korean Fever was struck Indonesia. However, it does not mean 'mecca' entertainment world was perfect then. Korea has ever had a scandal. These scandals ever to hit the Korean artists over the past five years, just as quoted from page Xin.Msn.

Rupture TVXQ
Boyband TVXQ split since October 2009, due to a lawsuit filed three members of their popular, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ). All three are 13-year contract with SM Entertainment TVXQ too long, and no provisions were changed without their knowledge.

They also cited the unfair distribution of income. Since the court ruling, JYJ was off contract and set up his own music group in Japan. Meanwhile, two other members, Yunho and Changmin (HoMin), continue left of TVXQ. The fans are divided into two camps, optimistic that the two groups will unite song someday.

Kangin 'SuJu' Rated Release Hand

One SuJu personnel, dealt with the police. If CCTV can prove his innocence during a fight in a bar, another case with a hit and run he did. After drinking alcohol, Kangin crashed into a taxi was stopped, and immediately left the scene.

A day later he reported, but it did not come when I had to go back to the police station on the same day. In fact, it's hit-and-run loss to swallow about 8 million won. As a result of this case, the entire schedule Kangin canceled, and he was drafted into the army in 2010.

Tax Scandal Korean MC

From examination of the Korea National Tax Office, it was revealed that a famous Korean MC, Kang Ho Dong, pay less in taxes. Tax evasion that makes a profit around $ 30 million per year. After further investigation, it turns out Kang innocent.

The accountant did not intentionally make mistakes so that he pays a lower tax. However, because of this case, Kang actually resigned from the entertainment world, with reason to reflect on his actions and take care of their tax refund.

JYJ and Fans Sasaeng

Once out of the group TVXQ, and established a new trio, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) back scandal. In audio and video released on the internet by the Dispatch, the group suspected of committing violence against his fans.

In the tape, the alleged voice of personnel JYJ, Jaejoong and Yoochun, sounding threw harsh words and rude to sasaeng fans (call for fans in Korea). The personnel JYJ is often followed by a number of fans.

Fans allegedly doing things beyond the ordinary, such as breaking into houses and telephone tapping JYJ personnel, installing GPS in the car to follow his idol, until the smell of the personnel during sleep.

Taunts Former 2PM Jay Park Personnel Against Korea

Former leader of 2PM, Jay Park, protested loudly by the fans as mockery against Korea. He called 'Korea is gay' in his Myspace when it first comes out of Seattle and a trainee at JYP Entertainment.

Wave of protests hits, ranging from the threat of dissolution suicide 2PM until demands for Jay. Finally, in 2010, 2PM announced they had cut a contract with Jay. (Ren)