Thursday, May 30, 2013

Han Hye Jin Reveal Date Without Marriage and Honeymoon

11:54 PM

Han Hye Jin shocked the public when announcing his wedding plans with footballer Ki Sung Yueng. Was revealed in July as the month of the wedding, now it sets the date. Hye Jin and Sung Yueng mantab married on July 1.

"I'm getting married on July 1. We have promised each other and decided to become husband and wife," said Hye Jin. "I stress the many rumors are not true. However we could always soothe and remind each other what is most important in life.

Actress movie "26 Years" recognizes the very sudden wedding plans. He also feels this decision in a hurry, but there was no other choice because of busy Sung Yueng in club Swansea City, England. That's why they are not planning honeymoon.

"It is true that the decision to marry was very sudden. Only this time we had to get married, while Ki Sung Yueng off. If not done now the only chance next year," he continued. "Next season is crucial for him so we think this is the most appropriate time though so in a hurry."

"At this time we are also no honeymoon plans," said Hye Jin. "Ki Sung Yueng will go to practice the next day and I'll catch the end of July after finishing filming 'When a Man ​​Loves' and variety 'Healing Camp'."

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