Monday, March 11, 2013

Kang Sora Talk About His kiss with SuJu Leeteuk on 'We Got Married'

5:28 PM

Super Junior's Leeteuk romance and Kang Sora makes his fans miss them on "We Got Married". The story of the couple, dubbed Dimple Couple this with a sweet ending kiss scene both at the event. Recently, actress film "Sunny" was to express his feelings about the kiss scene.

Sora kissing Leeteuk confessed after he was familiar with and understand. "After 4 seconds, I felt like I know him well. Hands to get confused what to do," said Sora.

Unfortunately, the show had to end because of Leeteuk conscripted. Actress series "Dream High 2" was also admitted sadness and regret that they could not say goodbye to a better way.

"To be honest, I feel very sad and sorry for not being able to say goodbye in a more appropriate," he said. "I did not even have a drink with him and say, 'Hey, come back safely ya?'"

Although it has been split up, Sora admits that they are often associated with Leeteuk. "We still call each other often and sometimes communicate through KakaoTalk. I saw the musical, 'Promise', a few days ago. Now he's a grown man," he concluded.

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