Tuesday, April 2, 2013

IU asked for so Celebrity Plastic Surgery

4:07 PM

IU is required to perform plastic surgery to become a celebrity? However, IU fans need not worry because this is just a scene in the series, "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin". In the latest episode of the series, narrated IU contracted by an agency that will make a celebrity.

At a meeting to discuss the advantages IU as celebrity, one of the staff suggested plastic surgery. He presented the face of IU if actually doing plastic surgery. In the photo, the eyes actress "Dream High" looks widened, nose and her lips fuller.

"It took a year for the swelling in his face disappeared and structure in her face just after matan widened part," said the staff. "His nose was also made ​​more sharp and improved lip shape."

Fortunately, Jo Jung Suk IU recruiting angry and did not want the staff's advice. "What we are trying to operate on someone a monster? Quit you all. There are many others who would perform the operation out there!" he raged. Besides not like the idea, Jo Jeong Seok also upset to see photos of IU operations that make the face look even weirder.

"You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" tells the love story of a woman named Lee Soon Shin (IU) after his father's death. Lee Soon Shin had to face the heavy burden of life and always had no luck. But in the midst of adversity, he remains to be optimistic in life. His life started to change since recounted meeting with a businessman annoying character named Shin Jun Ho (Jo Jung Suk).

Serial "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" aired from March in KBS. In addition to IU, the series will also be starred by Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na and Go Joo Won.

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